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A brief background over on the right......

I’m a seasoned Journalist with marketing and publishing expertise and a specialism for working with technology companies. Some clients you may have heard of include: Intel, BT, Amdocs, Motorola, Amazing Venues and Bynx.

I typically create content for sales, marketing, PR and editorial collateral. Plus, I offer authoring services for businesses or individuals writing books or long-form content.

I also offer Journalistic services (research, news gathering, interviewing, media training). Those first three are required for newsletters, some eShots and editorial content.

I’ve written for well-known magazine and newspaper publishers, including: Bauer Media, Condé Nast, Guardian Media, Dennis Publishing and Nexus Communications.

Now for the ‘Plus’. As my core business is written content, clients often ask me to help make the most of that content. Among other things, such as graphic design (see below), this involves publishing and in the case of digital, SEO copywriting, content management and social media management (SMM).

Additionally, the publishing services I offer help get Books, eBooks and long-form documents into the public domain cost-effectively and working to deliver a return - for both you and the people who read them. Publishing services include authoring, editing, proofing, pre-press and so on.


I offer graphic design, desktop publishing and web design services through affiliates. Alternatively, I will happily collaborate on projects with your own creative suppliers.

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