A writing resource to keep book projects on track

I provide a trusted ghost-writing and authoring service for publishing companies. Not only am I an experienced writer, I’m also good with people, being discreet and maintaining confidence. In addition, I have a solid, working grasp of media and publishing law.

I also provide an authoring service for time-strapped or inexperienced individuals and businesses wishing to bring a book into the world. I understand that for this group, writing a book is a daunting task.

Aside from publishers, customers for my authoring service can include:

  • Businesses

  • Expert individuals

  • Organisations

  • Educational establishments

  • Academic institutions

  • Charities

  • The Government sector

Although clichéd, for many people, the notion of: “eating the Elephant” is extremely apt when describing the process of authoring books. From the starting point, the concept looks way too big and cumbersome to even begin - and many people don’t. And for the inexperienced, where do you begin anyway?

Thoughts like these are what put most would-be authors off. But fear not, help is at hand. Between us we can write the book. The process may involve several interviews, Q&As and many emails (in which you provide me with bullet-points).

Some people think writing is easy (usually those who’ve never done it)

if it was, they’d all be doing it!

At Written Content Plus, my authoring service enables me to help you get your project completed when you don’t have time to write it yourself. I work with you, guiding the process of “eating the Elephant” until it’s finished.

Alongside authoring, I provide other services that can help get your book out into the world, including:

The way I charge for this service varies, depending on the book and named author. It could be a fee, Royalties or a combination thereof.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming project, for which you require professional authoring or ghost-writing services for publishing, or you have questions, get in touch.