Behind every successful book is a great editor

Editing is not just about proofreading – although that’s a vital element - book editing services help create a really great book.

Proofreading ensures quality and accuracy. An editor’s role is to align what’s written with what’s going to sell (if your book is for the general market) or achieving your business objectives while delivering value for the reader (if your book is of a commercial nature).

In other words, book editing services make sure all content is meeting the needs of the organisation (in terms of quality, messaging, accuracy, impact, originality, influentiality and overall business strategy) and those of the intended readership or audience.

In simple terms, in book publishing, editing helps create the best product a book that will sell and/or deliver results (see case study on my Idea Development page).

Polishing and refining your great work

At WrittenContentPlus, my editing services for publishing are provided by professional editors (such as me) who are skilled and experienced at polishing and refining written content as well as directing the focus of it to meet requirements.

My editors also work hard to ensure the look-and-feel of the finished product aligns with corporate style. Good editors are, by nature, thorough and detailed in what they do, checking and double checking facts for accuracy.

My book editing service covers all key aspects, including:

  • Content editing

  • Developmental editing

  • Line editing

  • Technical editing

  • Copyediting

  • Proof-reading

Headline editing is also important in the online world.

Headline writing significantly improves the reading experience, which in turn results in great content consumption. My editors are all experienced headline writers, across all media, channels and devices.

I’ve also adopted stringent legal compliance policies and have a sound, working grasp of media law. Whereas I’m not a legal practitioner or qualified to offer legal advice, I have the required training and experience to ensure your content meets basic legal standards for book publishing.

In addition to book editing services, I also provide:

If you would like to find out more, have any questions or would like to discuss a project for which book editing services are required, get in touch.