Getting your knowledge out into the world

I provide book publishing services and publishing project management and I publish quality non-fiction books for business, technical reference, self-help and professional development readers in collaboration with businesses, organisations, educational establishments, expert individuals, high-profile luminaries and public figures.

I provide a host of book publishing services that help to get your book out into the market and working for you.

Book publishing requires skilled expertise (research, authoring, editing, proofing), plus knowledge of the publishing industry and publishing process. I obtained these early on working for Collins Publishers (which was later acquired by Grafton).

Book publishing services offered include:

  • Collaborative publishing (in collaboration with business and industry).

  • Electronic publishing (eBooks).

  • Publishing services (pre-press, proofreading, editing).

  • Ghost-writing/Authoring.

  • Publishing project management.

  • Approvals (Rights; Copyright; Lending; Likeness etc.).

  • Registrations (ISBN, ISSN, Bibliographic).

  • Sales, marketing and publicity.

  • Distribution.

  • Book promotion, sales and marketing.

Commercial DTP – I also offer a desktop publishing service for marketing and PR, designed for professionals in business and industry needing expert help in the production of booklets, pamphlets, company magazines, newsletters, articles, white papers, corporate brochures, marketing and sales collateral, PR and communications literature, weblogs and so forth.

Publishing services offered for marketing and communications include:

Content – authoring written content, research, writing, commissioning and editing.

  • Project management.

  • Design, print, production, binding, finishing.

If you require book publishing services and would like to talk about any of the above, get in touch.