Don’t tell them how great you are

Give them what they need to figure it out for themselves

You know what you want your customers and prospects to know about you, but do you know what they want to know about you?

A lot of companies make the mistake of approaching copywriting from the wrong perspective but it’s critical you change that otherwise you will be ignored. Always try and see things from your customer or prospects perspective before you devise your copywriting project.

This you do if you want to cut through the noise and ensure yours is the content that gets read, shared and talked about. That way, it’s more likely your content will deliver on your objectives. It may seem counterintuitive but it works. However, writing such content is not as straightforward as it may seem.

It takes a skilled copywriter to produce content that delivers results.

The audience, the type of people they are (age, profession, what they’re looking for), the medium over which they’re consuming copy (smartphone, website, printed media) and what you’re trying to do (educate, engage, influence and so on) all have a bearing on the words on the page, copy style, tone and format.

The first characteristic a good copywriter needs is an enquiring mind

So, why me?

In the bullet points below I’ve listed some qualities I have that I know are useful, but before you read on, let me explain something else.

Before I produce any piece of copy, I spend time getting to know you, your company, industry, readership and aims. I need to understand what you’re trying to do: inform, entertain, stimulate a course of action, increase awareness, build trust, promote a cause, show leadership, highlight the benefits of your products and services or something else?

Anyone can create copy without this but it’s unlikely to deliver results. At best, it’s page filler and that’s all.

Experience has taught me the value of doing this.

Copywriting to cut through the noise

Another talent of an effective copywriter is how to catch attention and engage readers. True enough, any salacious headline will catch attention but catching attention for the right reasons is not as simple as that. That, and keeping someone’s awareness, takes a lot more.

I’ve been writing a long time and enjoy it so much I made a career of it. More than that, I’ve worked at it for more than 25 years, honing and developing my craft to keep pace with new technologies, platforms, media and developments. I have many satisfied customers who keep coming back.

Alongside providing great copy, here are some value adds:

  • Experience – 25+ years as a journalist and copywriter.

  • Values – the values I care about are: integrity, openness, being helpful and delivering excellence.

  • Qualifications – journalism, publishing and media law.

  • Quality – I have processes and systems in place to ensure quality and accuracy and that all copy is as clean as it can be.

  • Objectivity – I see you as your external audiences do, which gives me a valuable perspective we can leverage.

  • Convenient and cost-effective – high-level skill when you need it but not when you don’t (you’re not paying the salary of a full-time employee).

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