Establishing lasting know, like and trust (KTL)

Social media management and social media marketing for B2B (business-to-business) promotion has moved on apace. It’s now the key way to get customers, prospects and fans to know, like and trust you (KTL) and your business.

Initially, social media was too gimmicky and became a platform for celebrities before brands got their heads round it. Now, social is one of the most creative and clever ways to connect, one-on-one, with consumers and prospects.

Social media is now a primary channel for B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing.

It’s taken a while for it to become useful for the B2B sector. Rather than writing social media off for B2B, I observed the mistakes and successes of early adopters and saw how it could be used to entice and engage with business audiences for the benefit of sales, marketing, customer experience and customer relationship management (CRM). I’m also excited by the potential expanse and speed with which social media marketing can communicate.

The potential of social media in terms of speed and reach is enormous

I’ve organised and run a number of campaigns on behalf of clients (both B2B and B2C), and I now know it can be a potent tool for effective online marketing. Social media is not just about having a presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram (or any other platform), it’s about engaging one-on-one with audiences in ways never before possible. It’s about starting or joining the conversation, directing the discussion about your business, driving online traffic, bringing customers closer to you and ultimately, creating brand ambassadors.

Social media – the sharing platform

Even if potential customers are not yet ready to buy your products and services, they may know someone who is and if you’ve treated them right and impressed them socially they are more likely to recommend you to friends, family or peers and they will happily share your content (if it’s intelligent and reflects well on them).

Creating the droplets that cause the ripples……

I tweet, blog and post intelligently for my clients, making sure that everything we do serves a purpose and is meaningful for their audiences as well as them. If you want to find out more about how social media can help your business communicate and connect, get in touch.

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