The most important aspect of the finishing process

Proofing and proofreading services for publishing are important elements of the publishing services I offer – whether I provide them as standalone services for publishers (and authors), marketing companies or direct business clients, it helps ensure quality, accuracy and legal compliance*.

I am thorough and diligent.

Over the years, I have devised, developed and honed my processes to ensure my proofing or proofreading service for publishing is of the highest standard. I aim to ensure all outputs are error-free.

When you come to me for written content or publishing services, you can be assured that proofing is a key part of it and that you can rely on me to do a good job.

Points of Style

People will always argue about points of style, which is why it’s always good to have a standard - even if it’s your unique own!
— Source unknown (but it's bound to be someone with a great deal of common sense)

Ah yes, the beauty of the English language - points of style. That great source of mystery, conspiracy and pointless argument!

Aside from the basic laws of language, grammar and spelling, many points of style are arbitrary or based on personal preferences, which is why it’s important to have a published style guide covering everything from corporate branding, hyphenation, capitalisation - and whatever else you wish to include.

Style Guide

If you don’t have a Style Guide and come to me for proofreading services, I will use my own in-house standard, which is based on the universally accepted Guardian Style Guide. Alternatively, I can put one together for you.

I accept, however, that you may have your own adopted or unique house style and am happy to work according to your standard.

If not, I can advise on points of style and proffer my professional viewpoint (based on many years of writing and journalism experience).

Ensuring you stay out of trouble

*Although not at liberty to give legal advice, I have a good, solid professional knowledge of media law. That said, I strongly advise clients to seek their own independent legal counsel (if you have such) prior to publication of any book.

Other book publishing services I offer include:

If you have a book manuscript for which you require a book proofreading service, or have any questions about it, get in touch.