What is branded content?

Branded content is content that is funded or directly produced by an advertiser. It can also be co-created between brands and content creators, such as broadcasters and publishers.

Unlike advertising, however, it’s non-invasive and focusses on values shared by brand, content and readers (or audiences in the case of visual content) rather than the brand’s products or services. 

Instead of promoting a direct sale, branded content seeks to create goodwill by association and spark conversation and engagement around the brand. Through strategic and creative use of storytelling, it appeals to emotions, generates value for the reader and can be presented through multiple channels.

An example of branded content: 

You may be familiar with Red Bull’s strapline: Red Bull gives you wings. The company has set out to reflect this through a number of branded content campaigns, such as the creation and filming of Red Bull Air Racing and associated content, plus its sponsorship and recording of Felix Baumgartner’s 2012 jump from the stratosphere back to earth

Branded content can be classified as indirect marketing and is widely associated with video and entertainment. However, it is beginning to make its way into the sphere of written content and publishing. 

Why get involved with branded content? 

There are many practical reasons to get involved in branded content. Firstly, people have become intolerant to the bombardment of invasive advertising and the direct sell. Branded content, however, is more akin to entertainment and/or education. It’s also a useful way to combat online ad blockers. 

Other reasons to get involved with branded content are: 

Because of its huge potential to go viral, when presented in a shareable format, it greatly improves brand positioning, generates engagement and loyalty and helps increase web traffic and leads.

Sweat your knowledge assets

Why bring written Branded Content into your marketing mix?

During my years as a copywriter, I’ve interviewed many people. Usually employed by my clients, these individuals are considered experts in their fields (whatever those fields may be – technology, law, medicine, brewing – anything!).

They are highly sought after conference speakers, interface with important customers and talk to the media regularly. But they also have busy schedules, which means their face-to-face time is limited. So, for the most part, great knowledge and expertise stays confined in their heads. I’m sure you’ll agree this is an inefficient use of knowledge assets.

There are many knowledge-based businesses that employ experts like these. Such companies must look at how they can sweat their knowledge assets. This information is valuable to both the business and those it wants to influence and can be used to profile their expertise, help customers, widen their markets, build closer relationships, increase engagement and make this precious advantage work for them.

Types of branded written content: 

  • Books (printed, audio and online)

  • eBooks

  • Subscription only websites

  • Magazines (printed and online)

  • White Papers

  • Specialist Dossiers

  • Educational Books

  • Academic Publications

Over the course of my career I’ve published several books for individuals, companies and collaborators, which have all been successful, delivering returned on investment beyond expectations.

To get involved in branded content, what you need is a good writer with a commercial outlook and marketing experience, who has a flair for the art of storytelling and can deliver content that delivers results.

Why work with me?

  • I understand branded content.

  • I know how to write and (more importantly) how to spin a corporate story.

  • Experience – 25+ years as a journalist and copywriter.

  • My values are: integrity, openness, being helpful and delivering excellence.

  • Qualifications – Journalism, publishing and Media Law (note: I am not a Media Lawyer).

  • Quality – I have processes and systems in place to ensure quality and accuracy and that all copy is clean.

  • Objectivity – I see you as your external audiences do, which gives me a valuable perspective.

  • Convenient, flexible and cost-effective.

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