Looking for a ghost-writer to help with longform content?

Writing a book, white paper – or any kind of longform content – requires the luxury of time.

And the luxury of time is a scarce resource for most entrepreneurs, experts, executives, directors and busy individuals. It also takes skill and knowledge that may be beyond your expertise. But you also understand the value of longform content.

So, what’s the solution?

Ghost writing, often referred to as “authoring”, is a service offered by some professional writers (like me) whereby we write your content in a ‘ghost’ capacity. In other words, I do the legwork but my name is not on the byline or cover, yours is.

The value of longform content

Longform content is highly valuable to have in the marketing mix. It’s equally valuable for readers to have your expertise in their hands – in print format or digitally. So, if you’re trying to build a following, longform content is a far better business card than an 85x55mm piece of cardboard!

Once it’s out there this content is working for you, building your profile, helping people, opening doors, making connections and so on – without you having to do anything. You get on with your day job while it does the work.

Working with a professional ghost-writer is the perfect solution for busy, time-strapped doyens of valuable, specialist knowledge and expertise, such as you.

What’s the value in working with a ghost-writer or author?

  • Firstly, it gets your work out there rather than locked away in your head or as an idea you may never get round to bringing to fruition.

  • An author is a professional writer who knows how to write so that it works for your audiences, the media, you and your business.

  • A good ghost-writer will mentor you and work hard to maintain momentum and enthusiasm for your project.

  • They provide a guiding hand all the way.

  • You retain control.

  • They support you with valuable advice and input that ensures your project is a success.

How does ghost writing or authoring work?

The ghost writing process

Here are the steps involved in a typical ghost writing process:

  • Initial meeting to discuss the project.

  • Submission of a proposal and cost outline (by me).

  • Finalising of the proposal and signing of an outline agreement.

  • Second meeting – fact finding in order to create an outline for the work (depending on its scope and complexity, this may require 2-3 meetings).

  • Graphic design (book cover design, for example) commissioned.

  • Agreement of outline and schedule of deadlines.

  • Writing process stage one, stage two, three and so on (this may, particularly for books, involve several further meetings or conference calls, question and answer sessions or to discuss progress).

  • Draft manuscript submitted along with draft design elements.

  • First round of changes and amendments.

  • Second draft submitted.

  • Second round of changes and amendments.

  • Third draft submitted.

  • Final round of changes or amendments.

  • Editing and proofing stages (x3).

  • Final manuscript or document submitted for approval.

  • Once approved, the pre-press printing stage can begin (I can also manage this and the publishing on your behalf if required).

What are the costs for a ghost-writer?

It’s impossible to say as every project is different in terms of complexity, scope and scale. However, it’s important to work with someone on a project basis rather than time and materials. This is because with lengthy and complex ventures, time can run away and you may end up with an expensive and unpleasant surprise when the final bill comes.

Once you’ve given them a proper briefing, an experienced ghost-writer will revert with a fixed price and provided things stay within the agreed outline, that’s what you pay.

However, to give you an idea, I’ve worked on white papers for under £2,000 and simple (writing only) book assignments for £3,000 – £5,000. I’ve worked on complex book projects, that have included all (or most) of the above elements (plus publishing) for between £12,000 – £45,000.

Why else should you choose me?

  • Experience – 25+ years as a journalist and writer.

  • Book writing and longform content writing mastery and experience.

  • Values – the values I care about are: integrity, openness, being helpful and delivering excellence.

  • Qualifications – Journalism, publishing and media law (note: I am not a Media Lawyer).

  • Quality – I have processes and systems in place to ensure quality and accuracy and that all your copy is clean.

  • Strong project management skills.

  • Accomplished interviewing competence.

  • Excellent communicator.

  • Publishing industry experience.

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