Idea development for books

I help would-be authors with book idea development and I’ve worked with a number of businesses and individuals to that end.

A book is a product, like any other, and the development process is akin to that of any other product. It starts with idea development and then evaluation and modification. It then moves through analysis, market testing and launch with several drafts in between.

Clients (businesses, organisations and expert individuals) often come to me with a sometimes vague, often muddled, idea of what they want to include in their book. For anyone who hasn’t written a book before, this is normal.

No one is born with an understanding of the book writing or publishing process and because the publishing industry is secretive, it is not well understand outside. A book has to be interesting and deliver value. I work with budding authors to develop their idea so it does both. Below is a case study of a project I worked on on behalf of the then general manager of Riello UPS.


The Power Protection Guide – a brief case study

The Power Protection Guide – the design, installation and operation of uninterruptible power supplies, which I published in 2007 provided Riello UPS with a value-added reference and branding tool that they distributed throughout their sales channel. It gave everyone involved in selling their complex products a trusted reference “bible” that they could refer to at any time in the sales process. This, in turn, gave them the knowledge to go out into the field with confidence.


Armed with such a tool, whose products do you think they sold more of?

It didn’t stop there. Word about the book got out, UPS engineers from all over the world started enquiring as to where they could get a copy. We reprinted it, listed it on Amazon and made sure it was available through high-street book stores. This gave us an unexpected but valuable branding platform (Riello’s logo was on the spine and cover).

For knowledge industries, bringing publishing into the marketing mix can be hugely valuable. Publishing a book (or series of books) – whether printed or electronic – can yield surprising results. Royalties from book sales can also pay back much (if not all) of the cost.


Helping you develop your book idea

I have a background in publishing (one of my first jobs was at Collins Publishers in London – later Grafton) where I worked in the Reference and Technical division.

I understand the product, what makes a good book and how to develop an idea. If you have an idea for a book, the best way forward is to consult with me first before you write it. This will save a lot of time and wasted effort. I also offer research and authoring too and I work with businesses, organisations and expert individuals.

If you’re interested, get in touch.