I’ve made it my business to write great content

Engage - Inform - Communicate - Educate - influence

I want to help you be more successful through the medium of written content, whether that’s in a business, as an expert, educator or whatever your chosen field.

I serve companies in industries that are information-led, such as technology, education, legal and so forth in which the sales process involves building relationships and helping customers evaluate what you’re offering.

The value of great content for my clients is that it makes them a priceless resource for potential customers.

Whatever your business or employment, you’re now looking for someone to help you build KLT (know, like and trust) with your readers and audiences through written content. You want someone you can trust to tell your story authentically and with influence. You want to communicate with your audiences, engage them, stimulate a specific course of action (click, buy, like, share, comment, follow and so on). Perhaps you want to inform them of new products and services or changes at your company. Maybe your responsibility is to educate them in some way. Whatever you need the words on the pages to do, you definitely want them to have a lasting impact.

The Value of Well-written, targeted Content

SEO/Search value:

  • improves bounce rate by keeping people on your web pages longer

  • attracts new visitors and keeps existing ones coming back

  • improves search results and rankings

People value:

  • gives them something of value that helps solve a problem, increases their knowledge, entertains, educates (the list goes on)

  • delivers them a trusted source of the above that they can rely on and keep coming back to

  • influences them into taking a positive course of action (book, buy, like, subscribe etc.).

How it works

I work with clients on a project or retainer basis, depending on whether your requirements are one-off or longer term. I’ve made it easy for you to submit a brief or get in contact (just click the button on the RHS of the main menu above or here). Once I’ve received your brief (or we’ve talked on the phone), I’ll submit a proposal and cost outline, which sets out deliverables, expectations, responsibilities, timelines and basic terms. Once we’ve agreed on those, I can start working for you. Simple!

Useful Stuff

I add value to what I do by writing and curating great marketing and communication-based content, which is yours for free and which I don’t share anywhere else. To get it, sign up for my newsletter (click below to do that).